Thursday, July 31, 2008

Random Ramblings...

Hi Everyone!

Hope you all had a fab weekend... mine was great! I got to rest some, shop some (what's new... it's an illness), stress some (something different happening up ahead... details to follow), spend time with my family (little baby knows 3 new tricks) and I was way too rested to pose for blog pictures!

Boooo to me!

heehee.. such is life... Well, the week has been TERRIBLY BUSY too. I made a trip to the US Embassy last Monday and was so happy to see a whole bunch of stylish people waiting for their queue like I was. And they kept me quite entertained, though I somehow resented the "no electronics rule"..... I should have snapped pictures of them!

As mentioned, I've been very very busy (and tired), I promised myself to take pictures of what I've been wearing each day, but I'm just way too poofed-out every time I get home. I'm so sorry!

So, getting back to fashion... I bought this month's issue of Preview, one of my favorite local glossies that featured this years Best Dressed list.. I was only able to take time out to read it last week, but little baby was constantly trying to pull it from me. So I quickly grabbed a bunch of Nine West and Mango lookbooks for her to play with (and rip of she wanted to... I didnt mind that time), but they never seemed to distract her from my Preview.

Thinking that she must have wanted it because "Mommy" was holding it... I got the lookbooks and pretended to read them with much interest... and then I found myself hooked on the lookbooks instead! They were for S/S 2008 collections, and I thought it would be nice to share my favorites...though Summer is technically over on this side of the world... it still is not in most of yours!
I promise to do an outfit post SOON!

Saturday, July 26, 2008


How is everyone doing? Hope you all are enjoying the weekend as much as I am.

I'm posting this outfit which I wore yesterday, this bohemian inspired dress was a birthday gift from my parents-in-law. I find it really cute... and I even wanted to have a picture of me twirling lke a top to show how fancy the dress looked...heehee

Dress: Gift from In-laws
Woven Sandals: Zara
Necklace: F21
Watch: Kenneth Cole
Bracelet: People are People

Friday, July 25, 2008

Harry Hoodie-ni

singing.........."I want to be like Harry Hoodie-ni" toward the end of the week, and giving myself a pat on the back for some hardwork... was amazed at the intricate messages written all over the inner colar of the hoodie..saying: "kiss me twice"....

Tank Top: Zara
Hoodie: Zara
Skinnies: Mango
Flatties: So Fab!
Necklace: online buy
Earrings: bazaar find
Watch: ODM

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Enjoying Manila Bay Once in a Blue Moon

Manila Bay is always known for its majestic sunsets... last Sunday, hubby's Sachie (third sister in Chinese) celebrated her birthday at the Mall of Asia. We loved the food but hubby, baby, baby's nanny and I don't like uber big malls that much... so after scoring our favorite shops (thank heavens they were clustered together), we left the mall and grabbed some afternoon snacks by the bay.

It was also the anniversary of my baby's nanny (we hired her back when I was 7 months preggo so she could be trained even before dear baby arrived) and she wanted us to take her picture so she could send it to her Mom and boyfriend (she's candidly cute and she has pictures from all over because of that...). And then hubby wanted me to join the picture-taking... and I was so bashful to have my picture taken in front of so many sunset-watchers.. so after a few egging.... I joined my baby and nanny.. and guess what? I had 2 brave outfit shots taken too heehee...... then know what happened next??? Hubby left all of his "i will never have my pic taken in a public place like this" thoughts behind and wanted a picture with baby and me too, so he hurriedly gave nanny a tutorial on using a dslr. heehee

Grecian-inspired top: bought online
Woven gold sandals: Zara
Gold belt: People are People
White and Gold enamel earrings: Mango
White and Gold watch: Guess
Bag: Louis Vuitton

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Little BOW-peep

I've always been vocal about adoring Blair Waldorf's style on Gossip Girl. One thing I noticed about her looks, is that they are all finished with a touch of some cute headgear. I also had a headband-shift in my life... I had them in all colors, all sizes and just had to finish-off my outfits with them... if I wanted to look quirky or color-coordinated (which, I should leave to history) and then I realized, I was just like everyone... So i stopped.

But seeing Blair just made me want to wear some big-ribboned headbands... even for just once or twice... before everyone else did...So I got 2 big-bowed-bands online... and though it took me a few weeks to get my headband-phobia over with... I finally wore them last week (but was too busy to take some snapshots).

Anyways... I know I might regret this, and know for sure that I'd be sooner or later, just the same as every other girl in Manila.. so I'm posting this just for the heck of remembering it! I have a red one too...heehee fine fine! It made me feel like a grade-schooler once more, back when I played Snow White in a school play and wore a big red ribbon aaaaaaack!

Pardon me looking like a fat, giddy pre-schooler who stuffed her cheeks with Cheetos Puffs!

Floral Puff-sleeve top: From Bangkok
White Skinnies: Mango
Shoes: Nine West
Enamel Hoop Earrings: Mango
Watch: Guess
Bow Headband: Online

Monday, July 21, 2008

Little Miss Messy finally located the camera cables (and will be tying them to on her neck wherever she goes to avoid misplacing them yet again).

Ok, you all should be ready for some picture-vomit...

Here we go!

Last Monday, I decided to break-in my beige wide trousers and use them with my beige pumps which hubby wholeheartedly offered to buy me, even though it didn't catch my eye at first (he has a classic taste on ladies wear) and now I find these shoes super adorable!

Tank: Topshop
Trousers: Zara
Shoes: Charles and Keith
Watch: Kenneth Cole

Then came Tuesday, I decided to open up my drawer filled with opaque tights and stockings and yanked out my indigo blue footless ones. Paired them off with a dress that has been sitting in my closet for almost 6 months... and since I am quite tired of wearing my usual snug belts... I used a long necklace as my belt!!

Dress: From a bazaar
Tights: Bought in Shenzhen, China
Shoes: Nine West
Long necklace used as a belt: Mango
Bangle: Can’t remember

Wednesday... hubby and I sometimes think it's quite FUN to go for breakfast dates together... and last week, I think we almost had breakfast-out each day!

Luckily, I was able to take a picture of my outfit that morning... I have included the headband-picture which I told The Fashion Chalet... made me look silly, well who cares! heehee

I am also SUPER HAPPY that these pictures came out dark... what a good way to camouflage my uber pale legs.. whew!!

Frilly Top: Old Navy
Pinstriped Shorts: From a bazaar
Gladiator Sandals: Promod
Key Necklace: F21
Elastic Headband: Local department store

And last but not the least....for my Thursday Outfit.....

I decided to go "dark" for a change from my myriad of color-week. I got a lot of compliments on this one.. but the only hitch was: it was an ordeal to tie/un-tie my necktie each time I had to go to the ladies room... so it ended up looking "cute" then "blah" after the next pee-break, then so on and so forth...

I should have taken a picture of the shades I wore this with... my friends called this look "Attagirl" for some unknown reason... and hubby gave it 11/10 (wow neat huh?) heehe.. and boy am I loving the outfit!

Tee: Zara
Cropped Linen Pants: Mango
Necktie: Kenneth Cole, Stolen from Hubby’s closet
Shoes: Nine West
Bag: Chanel
Necklace: Custom-made
Crystal and Plastic Bangles: from all over

Now I'm tired of staring at all this "batch-posted pictures". I presume you all are too... OK.. time for a break then...

This week will be VERY busy again for me... I'm keeping my fingers crossed... hope I don't go all lunatic as a result! heehee

Hope we all have a HAPPY, STYLISH week ahead!!


Friday, July 18, 2008

Haute in Here...

Some haute couture EYE CANDY to enjoy... the weekend!!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Mickey Mouse-y and a Red Ferrari

Guess who gave up on the “hunt for camera cable”? I can’t find it, nor can hubby, nor the helpers.. oh well… when in need… USE ANOTHER CAMERA!

First off, I want to say “Thank you so much” to everyone.. all you stylish people who visit and comment on my blog…. I really appreciate them, and I feel quite surreal sometimes… feeling unworthy of such kind praises… THANK YOU! I will re-do this blog and make it comment-friendly… I promise… but in due time… I’ve been quite busy lately…details will follow soon!

Now let me introduce you to my Mickey Mouse outfit!

I think the highlight of this outfit: my “Wizard of Oz” red shoes! I feel like Dorothy in her ruby red slippers… and this pair reminds me of the car I have dreamt of owning from way back in high school… A bright red, top-down Ferrari. Back when I was a kid, I wanted an aqua…or a pink Barbie-looking car… but now I find myself snorting whenever I see pink, yellow, green or purple cars on the streets…they just look too tacky.
There goes my imagination!

I feel like Mickey Mouse in each and every way, whenever I wear this particular combo. It must be the covered buttons on the cropped blazer… or all the reds…but it just makes my day happy!
Top: Wetseal
Cropped Jacket: Bayo
Jeans: Topshop
Shoes: Stuart Weitzman (gift from big sis)
Watch: Anne Klein

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Little Fashionista

I apologize for slacking on the outfit posts... I've been searching (yet again) for the cables of my other camera (still struggling at taking my own pictures, so that particular camera was the best tool)... why didn't I ever consider getting a card reader??

To take my cranky mood a bit away from all the un-posted looks... I'm letting you all in to catch a glimpse of my little "fashionista". I've been wanting to share her most recent pictures (the one's I briefly mentioned 2 weekends back) and somehow forgot to post them... then Cuervogirl Pam brought it up... and so I remembered!

Meet my little wonder! She just hit 10-months a few days back, but is as tall and heavy as a baby more than a year old. She looks like her dad in each and every angle... but I think she has my eyes in these pictures...(ok... let me be a doting Mom please... hey her eyes are usually chinky, but a bit on the round side in those snapshots! So I am wishfully thinking that those eyes just spell: ME!! haha)

Take a look at the egg picture....she even has her signature pose (which, according to the photographer and his team... was more appropriate for an FHM cover rather than a baby photo shoot), I don't know where she got it... but we found it really ADORABLE!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Fall 2008

International dailies are covering yet another fashion season... designers are unfolding their fall 2008 collections and despite the dark, dull colors fall fashion always brings.......surprisingly I was about to spend all day browsing them, what eye candy they all are!

Here are some photo collages which I came up with, to show a few of my favorite looks from my all-time favorite designers.

Here comes Balenciaga.... in the svelte silhouettes, sexy cuts, intricate drapes, crisp tailoring and corporate-meets-space-age footwear.

I zeroed-in on the shoes... and I can't quite decipher what the leather and metallics were combined with... looked like latex gloves to a nitwit like me.. but hey... like the tie-dyed gladiator heels Nicholas Ghesquiere came out with last Spring (I spied Carry Bradshaw in these on the SATC movie), these are finding a soft spot in my fashion heart.

Next stop: Chanel

This season, Lagerfeld's team came up with tweeds and feathers, again tailoring, knits and soft chiffon tops. I loved the headgear... and the Blair Waldorf-ish tights....too cute! All of them were classic pieces... so Madam Coco! Now let me give you Alexander Wang.

All I can remember is biker dude meets Grecian goddess... pulled-off really well! No wonder Wang and his team couldn't wait to party after the show. I saw more blacks... ripped stockings and tights, leg warmers over boots or ankle booties, bandanna's and fanciful fluffy fur shoulder bags (now where do I get one?).

On to the next: Carolina Herrera

This classy, exquisite lady reminds me so much of my late Mom... though she's the Asian version, but I know you get what I mean...from her classic white polo's to the big South Sea pearls, to the neat well-kept hair, to her uber timeless personal style... she just reminds me so much of my Mommy. Since 7th grade, I already dreamt to be like her when I reach that age... timeless, not trashy, not trying-to-look-like-I-just-hit-18... just exactly like Carolina, and it still stands true up to this very day. I put her on the middle of my collage because her look proved to be my favorite among all of them.

Anyways, on to the collection... it was a mixture of cashmere double-breasted vests, printed chiffon and country-inspired trousers. She even had capes that added drama, tweed, crinkled chiffon gowns and cute fedoras that had feathers on them.

I spotted one of my favorite models... Jessica Stam.... looking as cute and childlike as always.... wearing these two looks. Stumbling upon her reminded me of my Marc Jacobs Stam bag, which I think, hasn't seen daylight for more than 6 whole months already! Poor bag.

Ahh.. Fendi!

Only two things kept on ringing in my memory over and over again: cute patent booties and frilly skirts. I almost went crazy!!! If only I could only get my hands on them... since I have this current obsession over ankle-boots and have secretly wished this country had 4 seasons instead of 2, and that people wouldn't roll their eyes that much should I go out of the house wearing a frilly feathery skirt somewhat reminiscent of Bjork-gone-goosey on the red carpet. Why can't I????

That should self-explain how this collection made me feel.

photo credits: NY Times, Style, and The Shoe Goddess

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Pin Cushion

Hope everyone's having a great weekend...

Mine has been very busy and tiring...ran from one appointment to another.... I had to do some errands yesterday and today.... tiring! I even missed a dinner date last night, with my family and an older sister who's based in Belgium... she will be off to Cebu and Boracay (vacation destinations) to spend time tanning (lucky her!) and to look after her beach house so I guess I'll be seeing her when she gets back to Manila....

Anyways lovelies... for the outfit post... my little baby had a grand time pulling these (I actually have no idea what to call them) ermm... should I just say... PIN CUSHIONS on my shrug... one of them almost went off! Wore this one for the first time since the weather was a bit uncertain -- both rainy and sunny... hey.. it happens here... and I hate it.. (heck as if it would matter, I would only sit my big fat ass in the car anyway), so with no further adieu:

Gray Tank: Zara
Pin-Cushion Shrug: Zara
Dark Denim Skinnies: Mango
Round toe Pumps: Zara
Different Bangles: from all over
Watch: Anne Klein

Friday, July 11, 2008


I've had a VERRRRRRY BUSY week.... am already tired beyond my limits...

Begged the husband to take me shoe-shopping and good thing he forgot how we walked around the mall last week just to find shoes... aaargh.. guess this is my new addiction after designer bags (he should be happy... shoes are oftentimes...cheaper!)

I had to finish something just as I woke up today and the only thing that kept me going was the thought of: NEW SHOES...

Anyways.... here's ME welcoming the WEEKEND with my floral flatties!


Striped Top: Zara
Vest: Old Navy
Jeans: Bought in a bazaar (they ended up really short… my legs are somewhat long compared to most girls here so this is how I end up when I buy jeans for less)
Floral Flatties: Zara
Hobo tassel bag: Coach (a gift from hubby)
Watch: Guess (a gift from hubby back when we were dating)

(You may have noticed, I’ve had the same polish on ALL WEEK… its Strawberry Sizzle from Revlon… and it stayed on well... but took so long to dry... I almost went berserk!)

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A Case of Hyper Acidity

I decided to wear my acid wash jeans with my black oxford booties and plain white scrunched-up tee... I wanted to add a vest or a scarf but decided that the "dirty-looking-wash" was more than enough for a statement. I wanted to go all tucked-in but I thought I wasn't tummy-ready for it though... heehee... "the husband" called me G.I. Jane all day... (sigh... when will the names end?) luckily he was GAME to take my pictures... and that's one reason to celebrate!

Top: Mango
Acid Wash Skinnies: Mango
Oxford booties: Urge
Key Necklace: Oxygen
Key Earrings: Old Navy
Cocktail Ring: People are People
Watch: Hubby's digital Kenneth Cole watch

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Little Miss Messy

Remember my missing camera cable? Well... guess who found it???


Now this is going to be some uber-delayed-picture-posting of some sort...anyways, this was my outfit last weekend... we headed for Serendra on a hot day and it's one of those shopping places that have a Western touch...where stores have real grass and gardens in front/behind/between them and shoppers can frolic around near the fountains, etc. ..that kind of know. It was a bit humid.. so I decided to turn this boho skirt into a short summery-dress (though the "rainy season" was supposed to have started here last month). It was a good thing that it had an attached ribbon in front (which I would hide everytime I used the skirt with a tee and a belt)... and it was long enough to be used as a neck strap...

It was also a great time to reconnect with my teeny-tiny bags...

Skirt used as a dress: bought online
Mini Hobo Bag: Coach
Gold Woven Greek Sandals: Zara
White Watch: Guess Chandelier Earrings: Bazaar

Next Stop........

Started the week feeling “dressy” and all girly… so I unearthed my high-waisted-skirt which I wore when little baby was Christened about seven months back (I think it was looser back then…ack!) and wore it with my favorite silver-heeled peep-toe shoes…which hurt sometimes.. but I guess I just don’t walk properly that’s why… heehee

I think I should have worn tights with them though... I think my legs are waay too pale! Yuck!

Top: Old Navy
Skirt: Mango
Shoes: Aldo
Belt: Topshop
Vintage-looking drop pearl earrings: F21

Monday, July 7, 2008


It's funny how at times, when you need something, or are desperately looking for a notebook, a piece of paper, a scarf... it suddenly goes MIA and though you think you've searched everywhere.... it just seems impossible to find it.

I took my weekend pictures using my other camera (it's a lot more lightweight compared to the others) and just as I was ready to upload them... I couldnt find the camera cable! arrgh.... it's so frustrating... but I know, with the help of the "helpers" (if not at home, my last resort would be my messy office cabinet) I will find it...

And so I have only ONE set of 'weekend pictures' to post, to errrr "compensate for the weekend-long absence... yeah great... but... an outfit is an outfit so... here goes nothing!

Wore this last Friday night to a "Surprise Party" which my childhood friends organized at Ascot Hotel (Oakwood). It was pretty funny because they wanted a "surprise" for me, but when I told them that I wouldnt be available that evening because I had to go to a work-related gathering... someone spilled the beans out of desperation.. and begged me to show-up... even if I ran late heehee! Hubby and I had such a fun night with the girls and their partners... it was a good thing I was able to get some outfit shots before I left the house because I was too busy to care about snapping the camera all the while!

White Tank: Zara
Checkered Vest: Mango
Skinny Jeans: Mango
Yellow Wedges: So Fab
Yellow Belt: People are People
Bag: Louis Vuitton Damier Speedy