Thursday, July 31, 2008

Random Ramblings...

Hi Everyone!

Hope you all had a fab weekend... mine was great! I got to rest some, shop some (what's new... it's an illness), stress some (something different happening up ahead... details to follow), spend time with my family (little baby knows 3 new tricks) and I was way too rested to pose for blog pictures!

Boooo to me!

heehee.. such is life... Well, the week has been TERRIBLY BUSY too. I made a trip to the US Embassy last Monday and was so happy to see a whole bunch of stylish people waiting for their queue like I was. And they kept me quite entertained, though I somehow resented the "no electronics rule"..... I should have snapped pictures of them!

As mentioned, I've been very very busy (and tired), I promised myself to take pictures of what I've been wearing each day, but I'm just way too poofed-out every time I get home. I'm so sorry!

So, getting back to fashion... I bought this month's issue of Preview, one of my favorite local glossies that featured this years Best Dressed list.. I was only able to take time out to read it last week, but little baby was constantly trying to pull it from me. So I quickly grabbed a bunch of Nine West and Mango lookbooks for her to play with (and rip of she wanted to... I didnt mind that time), but they never seemed to distract her from my Preview.

Thinking that she must have wanted it because "Mommy" was holding it... I got the lookbooks and pretended to read them with much interest... and then I found myself hooked on the lookbooks instead! They were for S/S 2008 collections, and I thought it would be nice to share my favorites...though Summer is technically over on this side of the world... it still is not in most of yours!
I promise to do an outfit post SOON!

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