Thursday, December 18, 2008

Purple Plaid Barbie Girl

So I'm back to my usual, so-so stylish, sugar+spice+everything nice self... with my poping vivid stuff!

I wore this a few days back and encountered some snotty girls in the elevator on my way to the parking floor... I had shared the elevator with them once...way back, and they sang "Barbie Girl" from the mmid-90' band Aqua as soon as the elevator door closed and I got off my floor. That time, judging from my uber colorful outfit I already had a gut-feeling it was me they were making fun of... but part of me was saying "oh don't be silly" so I brushed it off. And then I just had to encounter them just one more time.

Guess what? They sang "Barbie Girl" again!!! Oh... then I knew the song was for me. Some buddies and would call me Barbie a couple of times back... in a good way... I know... all beacause they say I'm tall with long hair and fair skin and I had absolutely no idea if those elevator girls were singing it to mock me or bash me... so what did a BARBIE-GIRL like me do???

Smile and amuse myself... funny how some people can be.... and to think they were wearing the plainest graphic shirts and tightest bootleg jeans! Being different has its pros and cons... but if you know you're dressing up just because IT MAKES YOU HAPPY... then it is the right andFAB thing to do. We cannot please everyone right??

I remember one silly girl I wish to forget from a not so far past... she would bash whatever it is that I wore right in front of my face... and then next thing I knew she was wearing the exact rip-off... heehee... There are many types of haters..... better refered to as green-eyed monsters. Well sad to say, they either just too chicken scared to go out of the box and create their own style or just plain ignorant... and they wallow in making others who are not scared to dress up - miserable. I know many of us Personal Style and Fashion bloggers meet this kinds of people once or twice.... or many many MANY times in a lifetime, they should serve as our added inspirations to be the best of who we are... to be firm with what we decide to wear..... not because it pleases other people or conforms to the usual norms.... but because it is what defines who we are and makes us OH-SO-HAPPY and fulfilled!

Dress: Online Find
Bolero: Zara
Patent Wedges: So Fab!
Bangle: Gifted
Hairband: Supermarket Find

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Hollywood Glam Christmas

During the weekend, Hubby and I attended an early Christmas party at Embassy. The theme of the evening was Red Carpet Glam and I thought of wearing something that showed my Fascination with 1940's retro-Cinema style.

I had a dress in mind but my trusty dressmaker's secretary told me that they are finishing 3 batches of wedding entourage gowns for December and could not accommodate my immediate need -- (so partly my fault because I called in 1.5 weeks before the event teehee..).

So it took me 3 shopping days to finally settle for this purple dress ( I wanted something midnight-blue toned but could not find any or tan-toned but I figured it did not suit my uber pale skin tone), I wanted to wear booties with this one... but my current pair was just too casual for the dress... and it was quite close to impossible to find one (Manila is not a shoe mecca) in a few days time, so I settled for the nicest pair that caught my eye -- and got it for about $20 only!

And then added a satin band which came with another dress.... and paired them all up with my DIYed lace fingerless gloves and my trusty Chanel bag who has been my 'special occasion staple' for almost a year already.
Hubby would kid me by mentioning that I reminded him of Dita Von Teese sans the Red lipstick... he must be blind! For starters... she has a waist and a body at that! While I.... err.... I... uhmm nevermind!

Here is one favorite picture with our stylish buddies... the early bird with us latecomers (it took us ages to get there... the traffic jams in Manila double-up each time it's Christmas season).

That's me with Zara-clad-hubby hamming it up for the camera!

Dress: Studio E
Shoes: Juan
Bag: Chanel
Fingerless Gloves: DIY
Earrings: Old Navy

Thursday, December 11, 2008


"the sky is grey, the sand is grey, and the ocean is grey. i feel right athome in this stunning monochrome, alone in my way. i smoke and i drink andevery time i blink i have a tiny dream. but as bad as i am i'm proud of thefact that i'm worse than i seem. what kind of paradise am i looking for? i'vegot everything i want and still i want more. maybe some tiny shiny thing willwash up on the shore." - "Grey" sung by Ani Difranco

These lyrics caught my eye as they reflect what my outfit feels like... maybe more of the first part. I initially paired this with aqua opaque tights... but they looked too loud... and though I am a color-loving person...I felt like toning it down some more.

(Ok pardon the silly face... what's up with all these silly faces??) So I ditched the tights... and added a cropped grey jacket to cover up a bit....

(Though this dress can pretty well pass-up for a cute summery dress with it's denim detail.)

To match my new peep-toes (that slightly hurt).

Dress: Bazaar find
Cropped Jacket: Bayo
Peep-toes: Local Mall find (dirt cheap)!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Weekend Wear: The Countdown Begins...

Is it just me? Or is it beginning to feel a LOT like Christmas???!!!

Everyone was talking about the Pacquiao vs. Dela Hoya boxing match and we knew watching it with delivery-pizza, pasta and soda were sure-balls to make the day tad boring. So Hubby, Baby, Nanny M and I went to the mall today to score some loot for ourselves...we thought the mall might be close to empty because everyone was probably glued to their TV screens in eager anticipation.

Upon reaching the mall, we were so surprised to see the parking lot almost FULL, and the resto's were jam-packed with people! We had lunch at an all-time favorite: Fish and Co., hubby and I always choose that place as a default when we can't think of anything that tickles our tummies. They had the Pacquiao-dela Hoya fight on their TV's and we stayed on to watch till the 4th round.

hubby bought new Nike SB's to add to his growing collection, my eagle eyes brought us to the watch stand and he bought biggie-Nike-watches for us both (heehee), I got some shoes (some = 3 pairs!), Baby got her new "beehbeeeeeh" Strawberry shortcake baby doll (with long legs..) and new squeaky patent mary janes... and Nanny M took an hour to hunt for her "Christmas shoes" (we gave her the budget and the freedom to look around for what she liked and hubby and I had to wait for 45 minutes for her to come up with the perfect pair! heehee... how funny!

Pardon my silly face... my outfit doesn't quite match the background... which is a Christmas tree. I look all summer-y sans the scarf, and Evergreens/Pines remind me of cold climates, but the weather that day was really humid. Being in an air conditioned room/place all day only helps as much.

The reason why I added the scarf was because my outer tank top was one size bigger than my usual size and it tended to stretch low, exposing too much skin... and that was the last thing I wanted in a MALL- a.k.a. a super crowded place. I loved the crochet detail on the back part of the salmon tank, but I wasn't able to take a picture of it.

And surprisingly, I walked around for 4 hours straight in my F21 peep-toes, with my toes complaining to a minimum. I love this pair... it reminds me so much of Christian Louboutin's. They gave me extra height, so I was walking around the mall like a giraffe... towering above the usual crowd height... I swear I might have freaked some people out! heeehee

Inner Tank: Zara
Outer Tank: Zara
Cropped Jeans: Buffalo by David Bitton
Shoes: F21
Scarf: Local Mall Find
Bag: Mango
Watch: Kenneth Cole

Thursday, December 4, 2008


The always-missing blogger is back again from another hiatus... this time I will be back for good! I promise! I know my posts have been sporadic... done in such irregular intervals and I have been so busy to take time out to blog about my outfit for the day, or better yet, even to take pictures of what I've been wearing (what I have are pretty much old... like weeks back...), I ha vent even had the time to check your pages out! Booo to me.... but I know and feel that this time around will be better!

So how have you all been? Good I hope....I'm excited to visit your pages and see what I've missed.

Here's a photo of what I briefly wore 2 days ago, I spotted this on a mannequin and immediately fell in love with it. I loved the color and the cut.

Plus, it reminded me of a Proenza Shuller dress, but mine had less drapes and wasn't made out of the same material.

I decided to go bare, though it did look cute with dark tights... because the heat in this tropical country was killing me.

I'm sorry I was looking at my left side most of the time... we sat my little girl on her tiny chair (which she loves!) and she was waving at me while I posed for my pictures... I guess she was trying to do what I usually do when we have her pictures taken... wave at her so she smiles! How cute!!

Pardon my "neon pink" nails.... I've gotten a bit tired of all the berry colors and the browns and now am back to my Barbie nails...
I had to post all the other "less-smiley" pictures because most of them, as a result, looked like that one below... heehee may I add... have you noticed I dont have the "usual" look with the bangs?? heehee.. I was having a bad hair day... left the towel too long on my head, thus, my bangs went haywire!

Dress: Studioline
Shoes: Online find
Bangles: F21 and Wetseal
Watch: Kenneth Cole
Cocktail Ring: Gift from my Mom in Law

I’ve also been given this award, by the pretty and super stylish Rachel of Kaleidoscope Dreams.

Which also comes with a tag asking the blogger to list 6 things that make them happy.
I’m really a shallow person, lots of things make me happy and let me narrow them to my 6 random things:

- Sharing conversations and laughs with my hubby, my Dad, my siblings and my in-laws… I love the natural high and “gas” (here I go again) I get from family time.

- Taking my first step into the mall. Call me shallow, but it somehow gives me a sense of excitement and anticipation… having it as our “2nd home”, each time is a different adventure, and I wonder what treasures I may find next!

- Catching glimpses of rainbows. I hate rain, and I remember how my late Mom would tell me back when I was little, that rainbows mean the rain has come to an end. In life, she told me, we will experience rain… even storms because it’s a part of what we all should go through. But there will always be a rainbow afterwards, it just pays to look around to find it, just like life, you must try to find HOPE amidst chaos.

- Food. Everything from pizza, pasta, sushi, Breyers ice cream with Lays chips, McD’s milkshakes, toffee-nut frappes, junkfood, turnovers, chocolate fondue and truffles to fried rice, un-ripe mango with shrimp paste, and native food make me happy! I love sharing those moments with my hubby, and hopefully soon with little toddler!

- Shoes and Bags. I love the wave of glee running up my spine each time I open my shoe closet (I will take a picture to share with you all one day) and sometimes have the urge to line-up all my bags and just stare at them… it’s really a shallow thing but I’m sure a lot of you can relate to it.

- My husband and my baby (already almost a toddler at 14 months!). I never knew I could forgo shopping or meeting up with friends late at night that quick just to spend more time at home. Looking at them alone makes my heart flutter with so much joy. Spending time with them is priceless.

I wish I could list more, but I only have six. And most of you also already have this award... so, I pass this “You Rock” award to these lovely bloggers who are very much deserving:
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