Monday, December 8, 2008

Weekend Wear: The Countdown Begins...

Is it just me? Or is it beginning to feel a LOT like Christmas???!!!

Everyone was talking about the Pacquiao vs. Dela Hoya boxing match and we knew watching it with delivery-pizza, pasta and soda were sure-balls to make the day tad boring. So Hubby, Baby, Nanny M and I went to the mall today to score some loot for ourselves...we thought the mall might be close to empty because everyone was probably glued to their TV screens in eager anticipation.

Upon reaching the mall, we were so surprised to see the parking lot almost FULL, and the resto's were jam-packed with people! We had lunch at an all-time favorite: Fish and Co., hubby and I always choose that place as a default when we can't think of anything that tickles our tummies. They had the Pacquiao-dela Hoya fight on their TV's and we stayed on to watch till the 4th round.

hubby bought new Nike SB's to add to his growing collection, my eagle eyes brought us to the watch stand and he bought biggie-Nike-watches for us both (heehee), I got some shoes (some = 3 pairs!), Baby got her new "beehbeeeeeh" Strawberry shortcake baby doll (with long legs..) and new squeaky patent mary janes... and Nanny M took an hour to hunt for her "Christmas shoes" (we gave her the budget and the freedom to look around for what she liked and hubby and I had to wait for 45 minutes for her to come up with the perfect pair! heehee... how funny!

Pardon my silly face... my outfit doesn't quite match the background... which is a Christmas tree. I look all summer-y sans the scarf, and Evergreens/Pines remind me of cold climates, but the weather that day was really humid. Being in an air conditioned room/place all day only helps as much.

The reason why I added the scarf was because my outer tank top was one size bigger than my usual size and it tended to stretch low, exposing too much skin... and that was the last thing I wanted in a MALL- a.k.a. a super crowded place. I loved the crochet detail on the back part of the salmon tank, but I wasn't able to take a picture of it.

And surprisingly, I walked around for 4 hours straight in my F21 peep-toes, with my toes complaining to a minimum. I love this pair... it reminds me so much of Christian Louboutin's. They gave me extra height, so I was walking around the mall like a giraffe... towering above the usual crowd height... I swear I might have freaked some people out! heeehee

Inner Tank: Zara
Outer Tank: Zara
Cropped Jeans: Buffalo by David Bitton
Shoes: F21
Scarf: Local Mall Find
Bag: Mango
Watch: Kenneth Cole


♥ fashion chalet said...

Sweetie, you are too cute I love your sandals, the tree and all of that food-- boy, does it look yum, yum, yummy. :)

Thanks for the comments, as you can see I love shoes a little too much at times, but it doesn't hurt anyone, right??


May Kasahara said...

you look lovely as usual ♥ love the shoes

and your treeeeee is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!

Bella said...

Babe, I couldn't help but giggle at the end of this post.

The sandals are fantastic, and you're just too adorable standing beside that oh so pretty Christmas tree.


Nina (femme rationale) said...

it is funny seeing you in a summery outfit in front of an xmas tree. but you look really cute!

PAM said...
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Mode Junkie said...

hey babe! welcome back..
oh my god that tree is lovely.
the shoes remind me indeed of loubs. perfect!
thanks for the compliment on the last post. you make my heart smile.

PAM said...

haha! one of the reasons why i hated wearing heels in Manila is because i feel like a GIANT! and im not that even tall! (only 5'4") .. and oh, i wish there were hundreds MORE taller guys out here, esp. if im in my 5"! gaah!

anyway, love ur shoes :):) and yes, i do feel Christmas cos of the TRAAAFFFIIICC! :) teehee!

Dane said...

Ah yes, heels in a mall. I know what youre talking about. I was just in manila, didnt feel the christmas spirit yet.. can you imagine whats its like here in boracay? Sand and.. mistletoes? Haha. I feel like I havent had a christmas in years since I left California.

Andy said...

I really like your shoes!
i'm so obsessed with bag/shoes at times.. :)

new post on my blog, check it out!


issa said...

awww your christmas tree is lovely!! and love your shoes :)

DaisyChain said...

I love love love your sandals! And your christmas tree <3

erika said...

hey hun! i am doing well, looks like u are doing great. with your xmas tree :) you look adorable as always. hope u are having a great week!!

♥ fashion chalet said...

Kiddo?? haha, what? By the way beautiful tree. Ours is finally up now. And I cannot wait for the Holiday concert I am going to with my Grandmother tomorrow night, and then a Holiday party Sat. night as well; every weekend is party-packed. Yippe! :)

Thanks for the comment, missy. <3


rachel said...

it is!! I love christmas, it's my favorite time of year and we have the best family celebrations ever! :) hey glad to know you're back for good. ive been delinquent too, but im trying to be more consistent now!

anywaay, regarding your past entries, your baby looks so much like youu!! so pretty... im gigil with her cheeks! you have such a beautiful family :)

♥ R

lopi said...

These shoes are the holly grail of all fashionistas out there: cute, sexy and comfortable. Treasure them!