Wednesday, July 29, 2009

METALLIC and Basic Colors for Fall 2009 Accessories

Fall 09 trend reports are starting to come in, for folks in countries with four fashion seasons. I have no other choice but just read, look and gawk in awe... though some pieces, I believe are very wearable even to ladies like me who live in the tropics. I noticed that mainly, metallic and basic colors dominated the collections while compensating for the quirky and edgy designs seen in most shoes and jewelry.

Let's go straight to business, shall we... pictures speak better than verbiage.

I'd like to share with you some accessory pieces from my favorite designers as featured on


I feel a bit iff-y about the heels, though the cuff has gotten me smitten... it reminds me of those homeland security bands/detectors that you have to wear on your ankle or wrist if you have a pending case, etc. It's quirky and fashionable at the same time!


The bag is a spin-off from the usual MK bags we see here in Manila, the studs make this one more interesting. I have to say I am loving the bike chain necklace... am experiencing an attraction to chunky chain necklaces recently. I remember my hubby would roll his eyes whenever i would attempt to wear the chain from my Marc Jacobs Stam bag (my favorite bag back when I was preggers) on my neck.... he would go "Are you serious?" or "Have you decided to dress up as a DOG today?" -- hahaha.. he can go from darling to pain sometimes! Well, I've decided to abandon all plans of wearing it... since I wont hear the end of it from him... maybe purchasing this necklace will seal the deal!


Glitter, glitter,GLITTER! I love the third clutch! Reminds me of a grenade. And purse number 2 reminds me of a world map...


I remember back in 2006, I was frantically searching for an elephant tusk necklace... as none of them were being sold in the Philippines yet. Then 2007 came, and almost everyone had one hanging on their neck from long chains. Well... I guess it's back in a different medium... as shoe heels! Different!


The chunky bib necklaces are TDF. Their heels are so different... and again, interesting!


Chains and silky fabric dominated Vera Wang's purses. I love the multi-strand take on the chain handles.


Texture, Volume and Metallics dominated Manolo's collections. I personally love them all, ahh Blahnik!


Looks like these platforms are here to stay for quite some time. Here Marni does a metallic take on the shoe sole design we have seen since 2008.


Pretty chunky necklaces... making me want to be a Mari Antoinette for a day.

This one made me do a double-take. LV Alma bag with... are those sequins?! Hmmm I wonder how this one looks, I've never seen an authentic "blinged" LV bag before (though I've seen a few people done some obviously FAKE ones...funny how the counterfeit market comes up with all sorts of their own designs, and it doesn't even take a keen eye to spot them)... but this one looks interesting. Though it doesn't really fall under my LV-taste... I'll ask my local SA to give me a ring once they have it so I can take a look!


Like Vera's, Marc's collection also has silky fabric combined with chains, and is it just me, or do the rest of his bags remind you of Chanel flap bags? Though these ones are pretty and textured, the swirly designs and studding are very, very brilliant.
Well, I guess that ends my long post. Hope you enjoyed the pictures!
So tell me, which one tickled your fancy the most?

Monday, July 27, 2009

Simply Vera and my L.W.D.

As seen in these collections by: BCBG Max Azria, Dereck Lam and Rolang Mourett, like it's sister the LBD, the Little White Dress has always found it's way into being a designer staple, despite being the less-opular one between the two.

I like my LWD with textures.
I only have two LWD's upon my recollection (though I am not to be trusted with my closet's inventory as I often am "surprised" to find stuff in there which were long forgotten) one was a Blair Waldorf-ish pristine white one which I wore back in 2008 paired with textured tights and a big red bow-band (I think it was on my old blog - failed to transfer the entries though..) and the other one would be this one, which has applique's.

Though the real reason why I chose to wear debut my new LWD was because I needed to debut my Vera Wang pair of shoes... which have proven to be very difficult to combine with either plain or printed dresses, skirts or even jeans (though I want to try them out with a certain pair of jeans... folded one time), and the only way I could think of wearing them was with a good old trusty LWD.

So I guess the minimal styling, added with the simplicity of the LWD gave my new pair the spotlight!

Dress: Dressing Room
Heels: Vera Wang
Watch: Guess
Jewelry: Gifts from my Mom

On a side-note: Can I just share? From color-less to the opposite... my little toddler has acquired the fascination with colors.

Her 22-month old self has grown fond of coloring, doodling, we gave her lots of drawing pads and notebook to avoid her from scribbling on the walls... which has proven to be inevitable. Little hands just seem to find their way up there!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

♪♪♪♪ Happy Birthday To Me!! ♪♪♪♪

♥Marked another year added to my life... I woke up feeling OLDER... but then again, was consoled by the thought that age is Mind Over Matter -- If you don't mind, it doesn't matter!

♥ Hubby, Little Toddler (She's almost 2! Yeeey!) and I spend 2 days at our favorite hotel. They surprised me with lot's of stuff (I loved the Crepe with a Happy Birthday (HBD) message which hubby wrote using melted chocolate from the fondue fountain.

Top: Topshop
Skirt: Ordered Online
Shoes: S. Weitzman
Watch: Technomarine

♥ We spent the second day frolicking around the oasis-inspired pool after having a very hefty breakfast.

♥ I was able to take some pictures while hubby was in the shower and toddler was taking her AM-nap. It was a lazy day so I decided to forgo wearing the one I had planned (and packed) for that day, and wore cropped jeans, a tank and a vest instead (with gold Havaianas flip flops).

Tank: Zara Vest: Tommy Hilfiger
Shorts: Buffalo
Watch: Technomarine
Camera: Canon DSLR