Thursday, December 4, 2008


The always-missing blogger is back again from another hiatus... this time I will be back for good! I promise! I know my posts have been sporadic... done in such irregular intervals and I have been so busy to take time out to blog about my outfit for the day, or better yet, even to take pictures of what I've been wearing (what I have are pretty much old... like weeks back...), I ha vent even had the time to check your pages out! Booo to me.... but I know and feel that this time around will be better!

So how have you all been? Good I hope....I'm excited to visit your pages and see what I've missed.

Here's a photo of what I briefly wore 2 days ago, I spotted this on a mannequin and immediately fell in love with it. I loved the color and the cut.

Plus, it reminded me of a Proenza Shuller dress, but mine had less drapes and wasn't made out of the same material.

I decided to go bare, though it did look cute with dark tights... because the heat in this tropical country was killing me.

I'm sorry I was looking at my left side most of the time... we sat my little girl on her tiny chair (which she loves!) and she was waving at me while I posed for my pictures... I guess she was trying to do what I usually do when we have her pictures taken... wave at her so she smiles! How cute!!

Pardon my "neon pink" nails.... I've gotten a bit tired of all the berry colors and the browns and now am back to my Barbie nails...
I had to post all the other "less-smiley" pictures because most of them, as a result, looked like that one below... heehee may I add... have you noticed I dont have the "usual" look with the bangs?? heehee.. I was having a bad hair day... left the towel too long on my head, thus, my bangs went haywire!

Dress: Studioline
Shoes: Online find
Bangles: F21 and Wetseal
Watch: Kenneth Cole
Cocktail Ring: Gift from my Mom in Law

I’ve also been given this award, by the pretty and super stylish Rachel of Kaleidoscope Dreams.

Which also comes with a tag asking the blogger to list 6 things that make them happy.
I’m really a shallow person, lots of things make me happy and let me narrow them to my 6 random things:

- Sharing conversations and laughs with my hubby, my Dad, my siblings and my in-laws… I love the natural high and “gas” (here I go again) I get from family time.

- Taking my first step into the mall. Call me shallow, but it somehow gives me a sense of excitement and anticipation… having it as our “2nd home”, each time is a different adventure, and I wonder what treasures I may find next!

- Catching glimpses of rainbows. I hate rain, and I remember how my late Mom would tell me back when I was little, that rainbows mean the rain has come to an end. In life, she told me, we will experience rain… even storms because it’s a part of what we all should go through. But there will always be a rainbow afterwards, it just pays to look around to find it, just like life, you must try to find HOPE amidst chaos.

- Food. Everything from pizza, pasta, sushi, Breyers ice cream with Lays chips, McD’s milkshakes, toffee-nut frappes, junkfood, turnovers, chocolate fondue and truffles to fried rice, un-ripe mango with shrimp paste, and native food make me happy! I love sharing those moments with my hubby, and hopefully soon with little toddler!

- Shoes and Bags. I love the wave of glee running up my spine each time I open my shoe closet (I will take a picture to share with you all one day) and sometimes have the urge to line-up all my bags and just stare at them… it’s really a shallow thing but I’m sure a lot of you can relate to it.

- My husband and my baby (already almost a toddler at 14 months!). I never knew I could forgo shopping or meeting up with friends late at night that quick just to spend more time at home. Looking at them alone makes my heart flutter with so much joy. Spending time with them is priceless.

I wish I could list more, but I only have six. And most of you also already have this award... so, I pass this “You Rock” award to these lovely bloggers who are very much deserving:
1. Mayk All Day Everyday
2. She's Dressing Up
3. Fashion Behavior
4. Come Thrifting With Me
5. Super Stylish Mood
6. The Daily Alygator


Eleh said...

i wouldnt have guessed that you are married, yet alone have an adorable little girl. you look soo young and stunning i might add. must be the joys and laughter you get from your family! and thanks for the award love!

♥ fashion chalet said...

Aw your little girl and hubby :) what a picture perfect family!!

THANKS for your comments on my last two outfits, I've missed you. Hoping all is well.

By the way, that yellow pop of magic is terrific on you in dress form! :)

xx love.....

Bella said...

The color is amazing on you.
Loving the heels!
Loving the jewelry!

And the last picture is just priceless...

Mode Junkie said...

love the shoes. :)
and awwww on that last pic. i know how it feels.
welcome back sweetpea and lookin forward on more outfit posts. love the yellow dress on you by the way.

Angela said...


SO gorgeous!!!!!! What great finds.

Thank you so much for tagging me, darling!! I actually already did that meme, but if I have time I'll do it again!


razielle said...

i love this look on you! it's really perfect for the kind of weather we have here. I wish I could wear dresses like that but my arms are humongous :(

Gia said...

Hi Peaches! I'm loving this look. It's so perfect. Inggit ako sobra I want to dress up like that. :) I'm also back in the blogging world. Hay salamat. :)

May Kasahara said...

thank you for the award lady ♥

I'm in love with rainbows too . . .

That yellow dress is just so stunning on you I cant even describe it. The details are AMAZING and you rock that shade of yellow so perfectly!!!!

PAM said...

hi P! you look blooming! ur soo WHITE! haha :) ilove your shoes and like you, im stucked with PINK nails too! love ur baby! ur hubby is a cutie! lucky you to have them both! :)

issa said...

oooh that dress is absolutely amazing!! love the cut and the color on you.. and your daughter and hubby are both super kute!

Federica - Inside a bullet with butterfly wings said...

you anticipate must of the next season: yellow will be really cool this summer!!!!

well done, dear!

Clutterina said...

LOVE your yellow dress! Cute baby and hubby :)

Dane said...

Youre back!! I love the yellow dress and the shoes.. you look great dear.

chocandcinnamon said...

That dress is really nice, and looks so nice on u :D and the shoes are also perfect

Couture Carrie said...

Congrats on your award!
Fantastic dress - you look gorgeous!


♥ fashion chalet said...

THIS has to be one of the sweetest comments that I have ever received:

Why do I have this feeling (and just know for certain) that I will NEVER (ever) look this chic in a simple white tee and jeans like yours!!! Only Erika does it with such style... only Erika!

Thank you so much. :) But I know you can!