Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Hollywood Glam Christmas

During the weekend, Hubby and I attended an early Christmas party at Embassy. The theme of the evening was Red Carpet Glam and I thought of wearing something that showed my Fascination with 1940's retro-Cinema style.

I had a dress in mind but my trusty dressmaker's secretary told me that they are finishing 3 batches of wedding entourage gowns for December and could not accommodate my immediate need -- (so partly my fault because I called in 1.5 weeks before the event teehee..).

So it took me 3 shopping days to finally settle for this purple dress ( I wanted something midnight-blue toned but could not find any or tan-toned but I figured it did not suit my uber pale skin tone), I wanted to wear booties with this one... but my current pair was just too casual for the dress... and it was quite close to impossible to find one (Manila is not a shoe mecca) in a few days time, so I settled for the nicest pair that caught my eye -- and got it for about $20 only!

And then added a satin band which came with another dress.... and paired them all up with my DIYed lace fingerless gloves and my trusty Chanel bag who has been my 'special occasion staple' for almost a year already.
Hubby would kid me by mentioning that I reminded him of Dita Von Teese sans the Red lipstick... he must be blind! For starters... she has a waist and a body at that! While I.... err.... I... uhmm nevermind!

Here is one favorite picture with our stylish buddies... the early bird with us latecomers (it took us ages to get there... the traffic jams in Manila double-up each time it's Christmas season).

That's me with Zara-clad-hubby hamming it up for the camera!

Dress: Studio E
Shoes: Juan
Bag: Chanel
Fingerless Gloves: DIY
Earrings: Old Navy


PAM said...

PEACHES you looked sooo yummy! aaw... purple and pale :)

you're so right about the traffic & finding the "right" shoes in Manila - its KILLING me too!

chanel = xoxo


we wear things said...

awwww you guys both look amazing!!

♥ fashion chalet said...

Talk about glamorous!! ♥

Where do I begin??? I love purple, that dress is so sexy hot. Reminds me of Ariel the little mermaid. LOVEIT. Oh and the shoes, zippers, + patent -oh my!! :)

Your style gets better each day and I enjoy watching it grow! You're a darling. Thanks for the comments. You know I 100% appreciate what you have to say, and the world is most certainly a catwalk- especially in your outfit today! :)


♥ fashion chalet said...

PS: yay for a shared love of the Smashing Pumpkins!! :)


Anonymous said...

oh gorgeous outfit!
and your hair is so pretty!

i'm so glad to have discovered your blog :)


Mode Junkie said...

oohh la la! :) very hollywood glam indeed. ;)
can i have that chanel bag please?
and are you sure too that you had a baby? u are one sexy mommy too i assure you that. so no need to have doubts. when the hubby tells you remind him of dita, then so be it. :)

Bella said...

Whoa... I almost fell out of the chair. Baby, you are a stunner.

Perfect. Glamour. Sexy-chic.
I LOVE this...


Dane said...

I love the dress!! I was once looking for a black dress and I came across one that is almost identical, it was from Mango, and in black, When I came out of the dressing room, my boyfriend's jaw literally dropped to the floor and he couldnt stop grinning like an idiot. Needless to say, for a debut, it was a tad too much. But wowza, you make it work. =) You look amazing!

Savvy Mode SG said...

love the bag and you look very glam.

Jepoy said...

Isabella Swan?! :-D Hot mama :-D

Soul Tanggg said...

i LOVE the whole outfit! especially the gloves!!!

May Kasahara said...


you in purple. LOVE

*dies again*

Lloyda said...

you look great p!!! i am totally loving the dress. purple looks great with your skin. :)

Federica - Inside a bullet with butterfly wings said...

you're more than glam = spectacular!

chocandcinnamon said...

Great dress, so vibrant. I love it.

DaisyChain said...

Wow, what an amazing dress,
you look truly wonderful my sweet.

girl next blog said...

I love the gloves! Actualy I love every lace thing, but this gloves are so great.


Belle said...

Great dress,
love the fingerless gloves, I have to make myself a pair.

Miranda said...

i love the shoes!

Cate said...

Lady you look awesome. I really love that glamourous dress. I love theme parties too, I so want to attend one someday!
Midnight blue would have looked fabulous against your skin, but purple is great too.
I love your Chanel bag.

prettyneons said...

Hello's wow that shade of purple is brilliant, your style is fabtastic! Theres no other word hehe.
Peace and Bows...

Nina (femme rationale) said...

hello, sexy mama! you look seriously hot!

rachel said...

whoa.. I was commenting on the post above this when your picture caught my eye.. you looked beautiful, babe! simply beautiful. I love how you rocked that old fashioned glam, you really look breathtaking!

I hope you had a great time at that Christmas party :)

♥ R

Linnéa said...

Love your shoes!!

it's Fashion Fever said...

very glamorous indeed :)
Lovin' the purple