Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Where in the World is Waldo?

Hi Everyone!

I'm still alive! I was really REALLY busy for the past weeks... I'm here in the US for a business trip.. and most of my time is spent just.. WORKING.

I reached Knoxville,TN last Sunday and just as I was settled, flew right out to Austin, TX for a week-long multi-division conference. And because of all the rushing (a total of 5 different plane rides in 48 hours!)... I left a whole lot of stuff.. including my camera chargers, phone chargers and was left with a 'barely breathing" camera battery -- GREAT RIGHT? Though I'm not much of a cam-whore, and am very particular with having my picture taken in public places (I dont feel comfy at all) I just dont want to look silly among all those Finance managers and CIO's... NO NO NO... but I feel so much for all those missed OUTFIT POSTS (which I prefer to be taken in private, thank you)!! aaargh...

Anyways, I searched for pictures of the places I've been to here, which are different from work... FOOD PLACES!

I'm sitting here, in my hotel room, realizing how valuable some cables really are... Here's a picture of the hotel where I'm right in (oh yes they have real swans) and that's my room right there...

In a couple of days... and 2 more plane rides (lucky 7!)...I will be back to my temporary home(which I also have a net-picture of)...after all the hardwork.... ! heehee

and then we can go get those outfit posts!!

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