Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Enjoying Manila Bay Once in a Blue Moon

Manila Bay is always known for its majestic sunsets... last Sunday, hubby's Sachie (third sister in Chinese) celebrated her birthday at the Mall of Asia. We loved the food but hubby, baby, baby's nanny and I don't like uber big malls that much... so after scoring our favorite shops (thank heavens they were clustered together), we left the mall and grabbed some afternoon snacks by the bay.

It was also the anniversary of my baby's nanny (we hired her back when I was 7 months preggo so she could be trained even before dear baby arrived) and she wanted us to take her picture so she could send it to her Mom and boyfriend (she's candidly cute and she has pictures from all over because of that...). And then hubby wanted me to join the picture-taking... and I was so bashful to have my picture taken in front of so many sunset-watchers.. so after a few egging.... I joined my baby and nanny.. and guess what? I had 2 brave outfit shots taken too heehee...... then know what happened next??? Hubby left all of his "i will never have my pic taken in a public place like this" thoughts behind and wanted a picture with baby and me too, so he hurriedly gave nanny a tutorial on using a dslr. heehee

Grecian-inspired top: bought online
Woven gold sandals: Zara
Gold belt: People are People
White and Gold enamel earrings: Mango
White and Gold watch: Guess
Bag: Louis Vuitton

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