Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Little BOW-peep

I've always been vocal about adoring Blair Waldorf's style on Gossip Girl. One thing I noticed about her looks, is that they are all finished with a touch of some cute headgear. I also had a headband-shift in my life... I had them in all colors, all sizes and just had to finish-off my outfits with them... if I wanted to look quirky or color-coordinated (which, I should leave to history) and then I realized, I was just like everyone... So i stopped.

But seeing Blair just made me want to wear some big-ribboned headbands... even for just once or twice... before everyone else did...So I got 2 big-bowed-bands online... and though it took me a few weeks to get my headband-phobia over with... I finally wore them last week (but was too busy to take some snapshots).

Anyways... I know I might regret this, and know for sure that I'd be sooner or later, just the same as every other girl in Manila.. so I'm posting this just for the heck of remembering it! I have a red one too...heehee fine fine! It made me feel like a grade-schooler once more, back when I played Snow White in a school play and wore a big red ribbon aaaaaaack!

Pardon me looking like a fat, giddy pre-schooler who stuffed her cheeks with Cheetos Puffs!

Floral Puff-sleeve top: From Bangkok
White Skinnies: Mango
Shoes: Nine West
Enamel Hoop Earrings: Mango
Watch: Guess
Bow Headband: Online

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