Monday, July 21, 2008

Little Miss Messy finally located the camera cables (and will be tying them to on her neck wherever she goes to avoid misplacing them yet again).

Ok, you all should be ready for some picture-vomit...

Here we go!

Last Monday, I decided to break-in my beige wide trousers and use them with my beige pumps which hubby wholeheartedly offered to buy me, even though it didn't catch my eye at first (he has a classic taste on ladies wear) and now I find these shoes super adorable!

Tank: Topshop
Trousers: Zara
Shoes: Charles and Keith
Watch: Kenneth Cole

Then came Tuesday, I decided to open up my drawer filled with opaque tights and stockings and yanked out my indigo blue footless ones. Paired them off with a dress that has been sitting in my closet for almost 6 months... and since I am quite tired of wearing my usual snug belts... I used a long necklace as my belt!!

Dress: From a bazaar
Tights: Bought in Shenzhen, China
Shoes: Nine West
Long necklace used as a belt: Mango
Bangle: Can’t remember

Wednesday... hubby and I sometimes think it's quite FUN to go for breakfast dates together... and last week, I think we almost had breakfast-out each day!

Luckily, I was able to take a picture of my outfit that morning... I have included the headband-picture which I told The Fashion Chalet... made me look silly, well who cares! heehee

I am also SUPER HAPPY that these pictures came out dark... what a good way to camouflage my uber pale legs.. whew!!

Frilly Top: Old Navy
Pinstriped Shorts: From a bazaar
Gladiator Sandals: Promod
Key Necklace: F21
Elastic Headband: Local department store

And last but not the least....for my Thursday Outfit.....

I decided to go "dark" for a change from my myriad of color-week. I got a lot of compliments on this one.. but the only hitch was: it was an ordeal to tie/un-tie my necktie each time I had to go to the ladies room... so it ended up looking "cute" then "blah" after the next pee-break, then so on and so forth...

I should have taken a picture of the shades I wore this with... my friends called this look "Attagirl" for some unknown reason... and hubby gave it 11/10 (wow neat huh?) heehe.. and boy am I loving the outfit!

Tee: Zara
Cropped Linen Pants: Mango
Necktie: Kenneth Cole, Stolen from Hubby’s closet
Shoes: Nine West
Bag: Chanel
Necklace: Custom-made
Crystal and Plastic Bangles: from all over

Now I'm tired of staring at all this "batch-posted pictures". I presume you all are too... OK.. time for a break then...

This week will be VERY busy again for me... I'm keeping my fingers crossed... hope I don't go all lunatic as a result! heehee

Hope we all have a HAPPY, STYLISH week ahead!!


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