Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Little Fashionista

I apologize for slacking on the outfit posts... I've been searching (yet again) for the cables of my other camera (still struggling at taking my own pictures, so that particular camera was the best tool)... why didn't I ever consider getting a card reader??

To take my cranky mood a bit away from all the un-posted looks... I'm letting you all in to catch a glimpse of my little "fashionista". I've been wanting to share her most recent pictures (the one's I briefly mentioned 2 weekends back) and somehow forgot to post them... then Cuervogirl Pam brought it up... and so I remembered!

Meet my little wonder! She just hit 10-months a few days back, but is as tall and heavy as a baby more than a year old. She looks like her dad in each and every angle... but I think she has my eyes in these pictures...(ok... let me be a doting Mom please... hey her eyes are usually chinky, but a bit on the round side in those snapshots! So I am wishfully thinking that those eyes just spell: ME!! haha)

Take a look at the egg picture....she even has her signature pose (which, according to the photographer and his team... was more appropriate for an FHM cover rather than a baby photo shoot), I don't know where she got it... but we found it really ADORABLE!!

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