Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Fall 2008

International dailies are covering yet another fashion season... designers are unfolding their fall 2008 collections and despite the dark, dull colors fall fashion always brings.......surprisingly I was about to spend all day browsing them through.....my, what eye candy they all are!

Here are some photo collages which I came up with, to show a few of my favorite looks from my all-time favorite designers.

Here comes Balenciaga.... in the svelte silhouettes, sexy cuts, intricate drapes, crisp tailoring and corporate-meets-space-age footwear.

I zeroed-in on the shoes... and I can't quite decipher what the leather and metallics were combined with... looked like latex gloves to a nitwit like me.. but hey... like the tie-dyed gladiator heels Nicholas Ghesquiere came out with last Spring (I spied Carry Bradshaw in these on the SATC movie), these are finding a soft spot in my fashion heart.

Next stop: Chanel

This season, Lagerfeld's team came up with tweeds and feathers, again tailoring, knits and soft chiffon tops. I loved the headgear... and the Blair Waldorf-ish tights....too cute! All of them were classic pieces... so Madam Coco! Now let me give you Alexander Wang.

All I can remember is biker dude meets Grecian goddess... pulled-off really well! No wonder Wang and his team couldn't wait to party after the show. I saw more blacks... ripped stockings and tights, leg warmers over boots or ankle booties, bandanna's and fanciful fluffy fur shoulder bags (now where do I get one?).

On to the next: Carolina Herrera

This classy, exquisite lady reminds me so much of my late Mom... though she's the Asian version, but I know you get what I mean...from her classic white polo's to the big South Sea pearls, to the neat well-kept hair, to her uber timeless personal style... she just reminds me so much of my Mommy. Since 7th grade, I already dreamt to be like her when I reach that age... timeless, not trashy, not trying-to-look-like-I-just-hit-18... just exactly like Carolina, and it still stands true up to this very day. I put her on the middle of my collage because her look proved to be my favorite among all of them.

Anyways, on to the collection... it was a mixture of cashmere double-breasted vests, printed chiffon and country-inspired trousers. She even had capes that added drama, tweed, crinkled chiffon gowns and cute fedoras that had feathers on them.

I spotted one of my favorite models... Jessica Stam.... looking as cute and childlike as always.... wearing these two looks. Stumbling upon her reminded me of my Marc Jacobs Stam bag, which I think, hasn't seen daylight for more than 6 whole months already! Poor bag.

Ahh.. Fendi!

Only two things kept on ringing in my memory over and over again: cute patent booties and frilly skirts. I almost went crazy!!! If only I could only get my hands on them... since I have this current obsession over ankle-boots and have secretly wished this country had 4 seasons instead of 2, and that people wouldn't roll their eyes that much should I go out of the house wearing a frilly feathery skirt somewhat reminiscent of Bjork-gone-goosey on the red carpet. Why can't I????

That should self-explain how this collection made me feel.

photo credits: NY Times, Style, and The Shoe Goddess

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