Sunday, July 13, 2008

Pin Cushion

Hope everyone's having a great weekend...

Mine has been very busy and tiring...ran from one appointment to another.... I had to do some errands yesterday and today.... tiring! I even missed a dinner date last night, with my family and an older sister who's based in Belgium... she will be off to Cebu and Boracay (vacation destinations) to spend time tanning (lucky her!) and to look after her beach house so I guess I'll be seeing her when she gets back to Manila....

Anyways lovelies... for the outfit post... my little baby had a grand time pulling these (I actually have no idea what to call them) ermm... should I just say... PIN CUSHIONS on my shrug... one of them almost went off! Wore this one for the first time since the weather was a bit uncertain -- both rainy and sunny... hey.. it happens here... and I hate it.. (heck as if it would matter, I would only sit my big fat ass in the car anyway), so with no further adieu:

Gray Tank: Zara
Pin-Cushion Shrug: Zara
Dark Denim Skinnies: Mango
Round toe Pumps: Zara
Different Bangles: from all over
Watch: Anne Klein

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