Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Little Miss Messy

Remember my missing camera cable? Well... guess who found it???


Now this is going to be some uber-delayed-picture-posting of some sort...anyways, this was my outfit last weekend... we headed for Serendra on a hot day and it's one of those shopping places that have a Western touch...where stores have real grass and gardens in front/behind/between them and shoppers can frolic around near the fountains, etc. ..that kind of stuff......you know. It was a bit humid.. so I decided to turn this boho skirt into a short summery-dress (though the "rainy season" was supposed to have started here last month). It was a good thing that it had an attached ribbon in front (which I would hide everytime I used the skirt with a tee and a belt)... and it was long enough to be used as a neck strap...

It was also a great time to reconnect with my teeny-tiny bags...

Skirt used as a dress: bought online
Mini Hobo Bag: Coach
Gold Woven Greek Sandals: Zara
White Watch: Guess Chandelier Earrings: Bazaar

Next Stop........

Started the week feeling “dressy” and all girly… so I unearthed my high-waisted-skirt which I wore when little baby was Christened about seven months back (I think it was looser back then…ack!) and wore it with my favorite silver-heeled peep-toe shoes…which hurt sometimes.. but I guess I just don’t walk properly that’s why… heehee

I think I should have worn tights with them though... I think my legs are waay too pale! Yuck!

Top: Old Navy
Skirt: Mango
Shoes: Aldo
Belt: Topshop
Vintage-looking drop pearl earrings: F21

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