Tuesday, September 16, 2008

NY Fashion Week Tidbits

I have yet to go through all collections from New York Fashion Week 2008. But as of now, I have come up with a few favorites, some are old ones.. some new discoveries!

To start of, Brian Reyes... fresh looks from a relatively young designer. He started off with Oscar dela Renta and had his own shows since 2006. I love his earth-tones, tulle mixed with cotton and lots of frills!

Michael Kors... lots of Nautical Retro feel. I love the bold colors and vivid prints!
Monique Lhuillier... everything looked so fresh and classy... I loved the figure-hugging pieces..
Started the week with a wrong foot... hubby caught a flu and I caught a fever... well, I am hoping to feel a lot better tomorrow... so I can go on with all the outfit posts!

I'm sending you all LOTS OF LOVE!

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