Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Of Mexican Telenovelas and Me

I felt like a Mexican telenovela character in this ruffled dress.. I loved the frilly feeling and though the skirt kept hiking up every so often... I just felt great! Notice the little island-looking dark spot on my skirt though... thats what happens when you have an active baby who manages to pee through her diapers even though they were freshly changed ones. And she only does that on me... which makes me wonder if I position my legs weirdly whenever she sits (more like jumps up and down like a cute monkey) on my lap...

Speaking of my princess... Here's one of her "primary outfits" for her birthday party.... There she is looking all sweet and demure staring at the bubbles from the bubble machine... It's taking us a while to upload her bday pictures because for some reason DSLR cameras just take such a while to load... which makes it lazy a task to upload... and oh the excuses one like me can come up with....

How time flies!!

And notice the native ball from my photos... hubby decided to go "artistic" and grabbed my point-and-shoot camera from my makeshift tripod... I kinda think he made fun of me because he had a blast because I looked like an egg just popped out of me.... do you like it?? I just love it when the artsy-bug hits him....

Ruffled Dress: The Ramp
Bandage Heels: Stuart Weitzman
Belt: Wetseal
Suede Bag: Coach

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