Friday, January 9, 2009

Teacher's Pet: Meet my Spectator Peeptoes!

I wanna be teacher's pet
I wanna be greatest the latest
The feelings that I can get

Teacher's bride (ooh)
I wanna be teacher's bride
I wanna be greatest the latest
And I will never be on your side
I have a lot of stuff that you can

Teach me and one more school At the start, I'm sure with a little
Homework, and I graduate to your your heart

Here's what I've been wearing on days when I just dont want to plan what to wear... in short, here's how my "deffault-outfit" looks.

I sometimes feel that the only thing missing would be wide-rimmed glasses and an apple... then I would be "Teacher's Pet". It also gives me an excuse to rummage through hubby's ties.... oh how fun!

...and to wear my high heeled spectator shoes!!!

Well... looks like I have nothing much to say.... so I'm wishing you all a very HAPPY HAPPY FAB-STYLISH WEEKEND!!!

Polo Shirt: American Eagle Outfitters
Cardigan: Zara
Jeans: MNG
Necktie: Hubby's
Shoes: U.O.


it's Fashion Fever said...

Love the color coordination :)
Love the outfit as well!
Ms. Teacher ;p

razielle said...

are those skulls on the tie? Love it!

Dane said...

Your shoes, woman! They are beautiful! Oh Im dying of envy right now.

chocandcinnamon said...

Great shoes! And I like how the pony tail suits you, you look pretty.

Laroux said...

I love those peep toes, and the skull print tie really rocks up your pretty and preppy outfit!


Mode Junkie said...

loving the preppy look girl. could definitely pass up for one of blair waldorf's minions. or blair waldorf herself minus the headband! :) loviiiiinggg it.

PAM said...

hi peaches! im sorry i had been lagging on my blogging, u know how it is sometimes :) hehe... i really love ur last post with ur family.. aaw and my, aren't u such an awesome/ fashionista mommy!

prettyneons said...

Hello' wow wow the shoes the shoes I'm in love with the damn shoes, hehe! Where did you find them? Your so lucky.
Peace and Sequins...
Prettyneons X

DaisyChain said...

I love the colours here and those shoes are amazing =)

Girl next blog said...

You look so stylish - and your heels are amazingly classy!

What does TDF mean, by the way? haha You said it in my blog and I'm really curious.


Petra said...

Oooh cute look! LOVE it! It is beyond cute, I love the preppy/girlie look on you. You are so gorgeous.

This is such a perfect look for you, you look amazing!


mochachinadoll said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
mochachinadoll said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
rachel said...

hey peaches! oooh, I have shoes that super look like those! but mine are from f21 :) you look so cute in the preppy schoolboy outfit!

thanks for your comment babe, sounds like you and your hubby sure had a lot of fun here! I actually just got out to go around today.. have been busy in school the past week. I'd be in school the whole day then shopping on Broadway the whole afternoon. hectic! ;)

It would be perfect if the boyfriend were here with me so I'd have someone to food trip with. he's my best food tripping partner! We have such passion with food.. me: eating; him: preparing, cooking, and eating! hehe. Well I think I'm gonna try to live that fabulous life you lived with your hubby here anyway. :)

I've been having such a great time! even if I'm by myself. It's such a priceless experience :)

♥ R

P.S. I love your new header, so chic!

Bella said...

Helloooo schoolgirl. You look amazing.
I love the spectators and skulls!

You rock it babe!

Nina (femme rationale) said...

you totally rocked this preppy/menswear look. and you managed to look sexy, too!

xoxo said...

love your blog..


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