Thursday, November 6, 2008

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Ok Here goes:

- I am perpetually pale. - I’ve been like this since birth… I’ve been called an ALBINO by funny little street kids back when I was 7…(they ran away when I wanted to befriend them – heehee…funny but it was traumatic back in the day)! Then back in high school and college, I enjoyed a constant faint tan from being in the beach every weekend (My skin burns easily so I can’t be tanorexic – it’s either go easy on the suntan or be red and sore as a freshly boiled crab!). Though times have changed now, I hardly have time to go to the beach (which is at least 3 hours away from Manila) so I have nothing much to do about my pale skin, most of my siblings have the same skin-tone and some of them cannot survive without tanning… thus, I suffer from being called MAYO – for mayonnaise or NANA- our local term for PUS (which is normally WHITE in color… eww) – it drives me nuts!

- I go crazy over colored Pilot Pens, and now Sharpies! - A practice I’ve brought with me since high school. My notebooks are usually strewn with multi-colored handwriting and without a fuchsia pen… I refused to take down notes (it had to be a special Pilot fuchsia pen… not baby pink, not neon pink – but fuchsia pink!). I love Sharpies too… specially the new hip colors they just came out with… it’s a QUIRK quite hard to break!

- I am a bookworm - I guess it's pretty much self-explanatory. Once I start reading a book and get hooked...there's no stopping anymore! It was such an easy thing to do that back when I was single... I just locked myself up in my room and pretended to be asleep when someone would knock or call (heehee bad!), but now with hubby resorting to silly antics while trying to pull me away from my book (he has an attention disorder you know... kidding heehee) and my baby trying to rip my book apart each time she sees me staring into it when she's with us -- I just have no other choice but to put those books down. If I could finish a book an a few hours before, today- it takes days to finish a book on an "installment basis".

- I am a bag-a-holic. – I haven’t posted much of my babies here, as I try to devote this site to my outfits only (and I also know that my purses might steal the limelight from me… heehee). I’ve been a baghag since high school, I wanted my bags to look different from the rest – so while we all had our Jansport backpacks (mine had to be purple)… I would shift to the bowler bag or patent bags in vivid colors – I loved it when my bags started conversations even with random strangers from school. It then morphed into a designer bag addiction… and though my collection of luxury bags is quite small compared to other baghags out there (check out TPF!!! I have the urge to line my bags up and take a picture of them all, like those ladies on TPF... but I'm still too lazy to do so), I have Coach and Dooneys to start off, then Marc Jacobs, then Louis Vuittons, then Chanels…it’s slowly growing!! I’m targeting a Goyard St. Louis next and I want a tangerine or aqua Hermes Kelly before I reach 50 heeehee!

- I am such a sucker for Cheese and Vinegar - yes, you read that right.... V-I-N-E-G-A-R, Cane, Balsamic, Spicy, Sweet Vinegar... I can eat Cheetos, Doritos and any kind of salty chips with vinegar, I sprinkle vinegar over my rice after eating salty food just for the heck of it... we have a local delight we call "tuyo"-- sun-dried salty fish which I love to have for breakfast at least once a month and I soak the "tuyo" strips in Vinegar before eating them with garlic-egg-fried rice. On the other hand... I can live on cheese... I can devour cheese pizzas in minutes -- mozzarella is love, I enjoy casseroles with cheese melt on top, I sprinkle Parmesan cheese all over my pasta and pizza and even on some dishes, I can sink my teeth into blue cheese, have Fontina cheese with red wine as a dessert, eat table cheese and rice as a meal (oh yeah gross right??) and I can scoop cream cheese varieties ( I love The Laughing Cow) straight into my mouth like candy!

- I have a bad habit of over-cleaning my ears. – my E.N.T. warned me to go easy on the Q-tips maybe at least 8 years ago… but I just cant kick the habit of sticking those q-tips (soaked in Alcohol) into my ears each day. I know it’s really bad… but I hate having to think that my ears might smell like cheese! (ahahah ok am I making you gag with all my vivid descriptions now??)


I'm done...

I think I've grossed you guys out enough... Please do come back, I'm really not that wierd. I promise to be in my best behavior at all times and leave this odd-ness out of my blog ok??

Just please.. pretty please come back!!!


So I'm tagging (wish I could tag more than 6, but well there's always a next tag):

Erika of Fashion Chalet
Rachel of Kaleidoscope Dreams
The Fashionista's Roz, Issa and Tokyostargirl of We Wear Things
Dane of Trust Me It's Paradise'
Stylish Rachel's recent post reminded me of some pictures which I collected a few week's back from's Fashion Week-ender. I gathered pictures of my favorite SS-09 Accessories to share with you all, but somehow forgot that I had all these pictures all along.
So finally, I'm sharing them with you all.. let me know what you think.

Let's start off with the bags!!!

Hermes goes western with frills... ( I still prefer the traditional Hermes bags though).

Louis Vuitton goes tribal...

Gucci goes back to the traditional....

Balenciaga goes space-age...

Chanel goes ga-ga over logos....

Fendi goes exotic...

Emilio Pucci mixes his loud signature prints with canvas...

And for all the Cinderellas out there... here come my shoe picks!!

Graphics Galore from Sergio Rossi...

Pastel Power from Armani...

Neon Highlights from Pierre Hardy...

Mirror, Mirror on your feet from Givenchy...

Platforms is still the way to go for Marni...

Sexy Heels from Nina Ricci......

Exotic Ruffles from Christian Louboutin...

Mixed patterns from Lanvin....

Studs + Stitches from Jimmy Choo

Peep-toes in bold patterns from Bruno Frisoni...

Ok..why am I out of breath already??


Mode Junkie said...

i will come back for sure! it's weird that the suka thingy & ears didn't gross me out. i ♥ suka!

Vero said...

haha girl you are hot yourself i don't know what you're talking about. i only have one kid but you are holding it down..i love your style ya look good trust me. hehe if anything, im just hiding my lil belly...and these post pregnancy stretch marks!

i just noticed we have a lot in common! Im a bag-o-lic my self and i over clean my ears. haha and we're moms! power to us :P

and YES lets trade links!! :)

keep in touch!
♥ Vero

p.s. you really rock those f21 studded shoes so good, i seen some yesterday but i wasn't sure if it would look right but you made it look great!

She's Dressing Up said...

I love Sharpies!! Ahhh.
The Western inspired Hermes bag is amazing!

♥ fashion chalet said...

I am a bag/shoe a-holic too! ;)

Wonderful post. Thanks for commenting my video. Yes, Rome seems like a dream. I cannot wait to one day be there and breathe it all in (not to mention eat and shop!) I am such a little girl (down to my voice) lol.... oh well. At least when I'm over 50, nobody will know it. ;) eh?

♥/ fashion chalet

♥ fashion chalet said...

OK, tag answers :)

1 Shoes (I love them wayyy too much)
2 Audrey Hepburn, 100% my idol<3
3 Chocolate (especially Cadbury)
4 Salads
5 Chunky bracelets
6 Diamonds

♥/ fashion chalet

rachel said...

OMG! I have a habit of over-cleaning my ears too!! that is too funny! and omg Peaches, I luuuv tuyo. it's my absolute favorite! and with garlic rice and egg.. oh now I miss pinoy breakfast. I also luv my tuyo on champorado! best picker-upper for a nice rainy day... and about the colored pens, I go crazy over G-tec. they have colored ones in Japan and I was all over them like a little grade schooler. haha.

Okay, I'll answer you tag over the weekend! no worries, I love answering these things! :)

♥ R

oh and those pierre hardy shoes are perfection. I want.

choppyshades said...

omg. i love the heels from Pierre Hardy.

-choppy shades

Aly-gator said...

hahah your tagging was cute, especially the vinegar part. i totally agree. cute designer shoes too

Bella said...

It's always so fun to read these little tidbits!! I adore that you're a bookworm and a self-confessed bag-a-holic!!! Adorable!


Jepoy said...

Ang gastosssss!!!!!! high maintnce ah! :-D

Bambola said...

Gah!! D= those shoes!!!!!!!!!!

O_O orgasm for my eyes!