Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Getting over the bug...with Studs

I am such a bad blogger... I was out on training classes all week...and then slept late as I went on constant dates with hubby each night just to let the traffic jams settle before we headed home, I was feeling a bit under the weather as the week ended and caught a bad cold just as the weekend came. So I had to beg-off all the Halloween festivities, and even had to move my little baby's scheduled "Halloween" photoshoot... Bad Cold!

Today marked a big step in American History... and I'm so happy to watch this day unfold even from across the miles.

Hubby has a habit of watching CNN and NBC's The Today Show every single morning (he says it makes him reminisce of the days when we stayed at a hotel beside the Rockefeller and NBC was just a stone's throw away) and since he keeps himself abreast with US news, I also have to make sure I am ready with my views, stands and sides whenever he asks for my opinions -- so I had to keep a good watch over the US elections too.

(there goes the "hubby-photo" he surely will have a kick out of this once he catches a glimpse of this post...hey, I chose one with him partially covering his face right??)

But when we both wanted to engage in friendly debates on who "should" win... I had to take the Republican side just to have to view-points... heehee.. I just want to congratulate my American blogger friends for another historical milestone!

On to the outfit post... I will wear my stars and stripes tribute soon, but for now... Studs will do!

Took my F21 Stud pumps for a walk after acquiring them 2 months ago...

Same went for my multi-strand, 2-toned necklace... and my how-i-wish-i-could-wear-leather-in-this-climate jacket.

I've been eyeing moto jackets so much... leather ones... but just had to surrender to wearing a lightweight one specially in this kind of humidity. I was so glad I found one in a light material and it had the moto-leather look to it...

Once I had it, I knew it was time to bring out the studs once more... and to debut my studded pumps... (I'm still lusting over the Gucci booties... though these babies make me very happy for now!)

So I got my punk-biker look complete!!!
Hope you all are having a great week!

Tank: Zara
Jacket: Betty Brand
Studded belt: Marshall’s
Acid Wash jeans: Mango
Studded pumps: F21
Multi-strand necklace: F21
Hear necklace: Old Navy
Watch: Nike

P.S. Thank you so much for all your sweet comments on my previous post... I promise to get back to you all as soon as I can! XOXO


rachel said...

hey there! yey youre back too! so good that youre feeling better :) you look so fab in that leather jacket and those shoes! ohh.. the shoes... it all looks so edgy, different from your usual sweet looks, but it suits you just as well! keep on rockin, luv! :)

as much as I'm embarrassed to admit this, I believe I dont know your name.. haha ;p I have been searching all over in your page but I just cant find it!

Mode Junkie said...

oh i love them shoes! :)
glad you feel better sweetie!

Nina (femme rationale) said...

LOVE this outfit! your shoes and jacket are fabulous and you totally rock this look.

♥ fashion chalet said...

Aw, you were sick? Get well soon, dear. Thanks for all of your lovely comments... "a pretty Pocahontas" ♥ aw, so sweet and so cute of you to say. It's so fun reading what you have to say. And thanks for taking the time to do so on the posts you missed. :) Halloween was pretty fun (I ate far too much candy & pumpkin pie, though.. lol!) How was yours, love?

You look awesome in that jacket! You just pull it off so flawlessly well! :) Looking forward to your next 'outfit' debut on the blog.

♥/ fashion chalet

Little Miss Dress Up said...

WOW, you wear studs sooo well. love the maryjane meets punkrock shoes

I am Dane. said...

Uff, amazing shoes! Its so nice to see you posting again.. Awesome outfit!

stellawantstodie said...

i like your biker jacket!, and those jeans making u an amazing legs!


issa said...

love your jacket, those shoes, and all your accessories! great look!

melmo said...

aww great rock'n'roll look!

Federica - Inside a bullet with butterfly wings said...

thanks for visiting my blog!!!

you were so kind.. ^^

those pumps are gorgeous and remember, pretty girl: i'm your fan, too!

Ashleigh said...

yummy jacket ;)

Lisa said...

love the shoes beautiful girl!!!


thanks for your sweetness.

Marcella said...

Oh wow, all your outfits on here are so glamourous looking - you look gorgeous! I LOVE that custom made dress you wore in the last post.

Thanks for your comment my blog :)

rachel said...

hey peaches! (yey I finally get to call you by your name! ;p) and your name is cuute! I think it really suits you :) I really look forward to your comments and I just luuv reading through them, such a delight! :)

I look forward to your spring trend post :)

♥ R

it's Fashion Fever said...

Thanks for dropping into my page :-). I love your leather jacket!!! Stay gorgeous

Bella said...

Well besides the fact that you look gorgeous... I love those shoes!!!!

Sweetie, hope your feeling better!

lisa said...

cute your outfit!
xoxo from las vegas

Bai a Labi said...

OMGEEE!!! i so love the hot! anyway, just a suggestion, i wonder if you could write the price range of the item too. just a suggestion. i love fashion but i would die for the cheap ones too..just being practical, sis. you do have a very good collection over there. i so love your chanel chained bag. i love your blog already!!! it's on my bookmark..hehe!