Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Monday BLUEs

I have been feeling a bit under the weather all weekend. I was so sluggish and lazy to even go get some sun... so hubby and I stayed indoors (we cancelled appointments left and right -- booo lazy!) and took much needed rest all Sunday.

Monday came... and my Monday Blues surely greeted me! I had to meet up with my dressmaker (and I cancelled it), had to go to the bank (I postponed it), had to go have some hair treatment (I guess you know what goes inside these parentheses already -- yes, I cancelled it!)... and the list goes on and on...
As guilt was slowly creeping into my system, I brushed it off and said to myself: "Doesn't it feel so nice to spend time lazing around all day at home without doing anything at all??".
It sure did!!!
But towards the end of the day, I had no other choice but to move my lazy bones and get dressed!
So I decided to wear sapphire blue to contrast with black... I love the bow and the back detail (I forgot to have a picture taken though), paired it with a really old skirt (I couldn't find my favorite black high waisted skirt and was...yes.. LAZY to look for it) -- but I loved how flowy this one was and then I put minimal pearls as my accent accessories... I hope I somehow concealed how LAZY I was feeling with this outfit.

And before I call this a post, allow me to introduce you to my little friend, CARROT. She's a cellphone dangler, and though my phone has no provisions for these crazy Asian danglers, I stuck it to it's rubber protector, Hubby and I found this cute little toy while doing our regular supermarket shopping! Now I have another thing to love about grocery stores -- little surprise knick-knacks like this one!!

Top: Shopaholic
Skirt: Rustan's (Local Department store)
Bag: Chanel
Belt: WetsealShoes: Nine West


rachel said...

OHmygosh you look too cuuute for words! I love how you paired these pieces, I thought it was a dress! :)

hahahaha!! thats so funny, especially since one of my road rage fantasies include a squirt gun with dyed water inside. that or water balloons with paint inside. I desperately want to aim them at those pesky jeepney drivers! all I can do is honk at them to death, altho I'm sure they're deafened to indignant car horns already.

inspite of all those, I love driving. given I don't get stuck in traffic ;p everytime I convoy with my boyf, he scolds me for being kaskasera ;))

♥ R

Miranda said...

lol hi carrot :) really cute
and i honestly would never be able to tell that you were lazy that day :P

♥ fashion chalet said...

Thank you. :)
Your shoes remind me of my aldos. Love the blue dress on you too!

xo/ fashion chalet

Raggamuffin said...

sapphire blue...how yummy

goldieoldiecharms said...

that blue is a great POP to the outfit! good choice :)

Dane said...

Oh I cant believe you were sick all this time, I was kind wondering why I didnt have any more of your posts to read. I love the shade of blue of your top, blue never makes me feel blue, whoever came up with that saying has never seen electric blue. Seriously.

ryder said...

not so long ago i visited newely opened h and m store, i found very simmilar dress. it was more thighter but everything else the same. i love its colours.

Bella said...

Everything is gorgeous, and the color is just perfect on you!

melmo said...

love black and blue combos
and this one is especially great.

issa said...

oh i do love this color combination.. an electric blue with black is quite fabulous!

May Kasahara said...

oh love it!

the shape of the skirt is great on you ♥

Aly-gator said...

adorrrrable blouse