Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Maroon Macaroon and all the drama!!!

We've been having Nanny Wars part IV at home. My baby's nanny (known for squabbling with each and every helper she works with in our household) has been throwing tantrums and fighting with our other household help which causes quite a considerable amount of stress on our end.

Like an afternoon telenovela:
- nanny goes on a day-off (our nannys and helpers here in the Philippines are stay-in workers, we provide them food, lodging, toilettries, clothing and they can take their day-offs to visit relatives regularly, though most of them don't have any nearby as they hail from the distant Philippine provinces which are shores away from Manila)
- nanny is one day late in returning from her day-off
- we question her why the sudden "incomunicado" behavior and ask why she refused to answer all our phone calls, she answers by saying there was no signal in her "aunts" place (which is still questionable since we were able to get some calls through, though she wouldnt pick up)
- nanny marches to their room and fights with household helper by accusing her of being a mole and an ass kisser by trying to be "the honest one" and telling us all about her escapades with numerous boys during her day offs (which, frankly speaking we don't even care about because thats her personal life) just to make household help look like the good one
-then household help retaliates and cries endlessly
-then nanny refuses to go out of her room for hours and then days....refuses to do her daily chores, doesnt even bother to look at my baby
-and the drama goes on...and on... and on...

So who ends up suffering from nanny's bad behavior?? Of course hubby and I are stressed beyond stress!

Now I'm finding it hard to concentrate on other things beyond the household.... I'm usually not a sleepy, sluggish person but for 2 days straight, I've noticed myself stare blankly into my laptop's screen especially while trying to finish writing 2 manuals (I know...yaaaaawn right?) and I noticed I've been on a grumpy mood more often than not.
I just hope we get a replacement nanny soon.

I wore a wore a skirt + blouse ensemble for work yesterday. I was hesitant about the body-hugging satin skirt... I know my chocolate binges when in stressful situations + a tight skirt are bound for disaster.

But thankfully, the results were I guess, minimal... heehee....
I've been on a dark-lipstick phase for maybe 2 months now. One some days I would notice my inclination to snatching my Revlon matte Red Velvet for a pucker bursting with scarlet, on days like this, I opted for my Estee Lauder Maniac lipstick with a rich wine tone...

I'm not much of a make-up girl but I need to have something on my lips or else I'd end up being the palest of the pale.. I usually go for MAC lipglass, Clinique Full Potential lip gloss (It has a sting similar to Lip Venom for that added plumpness) and Juicy Tubes -- I'm more of the candy girly-girl but my glossies have been on vacation-mode right now.

I added a bead necklace with organza roses to my outfit (this one I bought months and months ago which reminded me of Anne Hathaway's Chanel necklaces in the Devil Wears Prada).

I love the metal heels on my shoes too... I went on a metal-heels phase last last year, but noticed that they were very difficult to walk with, so I just let them out of the closet from time to time.

I also love the coated buttons on my skirt... it reminds me of the guy on the Pringles potato crisps container for some unknown reason.

It was my first time to wear this skirt and I might wear it sometime again with an entirely different top... I already have the look in mind and am already excited!

Top: Old Navy
Skirt: Online find
Shoes: Syrup
Necklace: local department store find
Watch: Kenneth Cole


Galina said...

i want that skirt

♥ fashion chalet said...

I'm sorry to hear about the Nanny drama (I still can't believe you're a Mom) you look so young and enviably fit!! :) Great skirt and heels, dear.

Yes the bandeau is gold, from American Apparel, gotta love that store. I want the book soooo bad, hoping I GET IT for Christmas! XXX

Federica - Inside a bullet with butterfly wings said...

hi, my dear!

i love high waisted skirts with high heeled shoes! you're so sweetie!

I've got great news: my blog now is both in Italian and English language!


erika said...

oh my lord. just stumbled on this blog of yours. you are quite cute! i'm sorry the nanny drama is stressin u out, but who cares you look wonderful!

michelle said...

you look great :D

Miranda said...

aw why don't you just get rid of her and find a new one?

Nina (femme rationale) said...

i can't believe u're a mom! u look so young...not that you can't be a young mom but u know what i mean. haha and i love the grey/purple combo. i hope your nanny drama gets resolved soon.

yiqin; said...

The yellow wall is awesome & the skirt looks so good on you!

Aly-gator said...

oh oh oh skirt & shoes are perfect

I am Dane. said...

Aww I hate drama like that! We once had a maid who was stealing from me, and she would lie to my face saying I gave her the money when she knew she took it from my room! I hope that gets resolved soon.

You still look beautiful though! Smile! =)

DaisyChain said...

I'm sorry about all the Nanny drama! How old is your little one?

Great outfit =)

Mode Junkie said...

i hate that when that happens. i say fire.. sound a little bit mean but that's why we hire them to help right? not to be stressed. we had a helper once who stole a lot of money from my mom and clothes from me. i hope you resolve that soon. u look great, stress and all.

* Fashion Dreamer * said...

Nanny drama sucks, she needs a kick up the ass!! But on the upside, that skirt looks ah-may-zing on you!

Bella said...

Even with the Nanny chaos you look stunning!

The uber-high waist skirt is rather envy worthy, especially with the button detail!!!
Gorgeous girl!

Cindiddy said...

those shoes look exiting! i like the heel. nice blog!! keep it up!
come check out mine!

Nemerae said...

I love the metal heels too, I want a pair of shoes like those but I can't find any one in the shops of my city.. =(
Great outfit!

erika said...

im so glad to have found a fellow filipino blogger too!! if only you lived in cali we could so hang out :) maybe when i visit we can meet up someday! i cant believe you're 20, married, and have a kid.. you look SO adorable and FIT! as long as ur happy right? u have awesome style and i look forward to reading ur blog :) kit!

May Kasahara said...

that skirt is effin AMAZING AMAZING.

I hope the nanny situation works itself out soon. You don't need any more stress.

****good nanny vibes****

rachel said...

haha! there is always one maid that's pasaway. I think there was a time this year there when we changed maids 4 times because no one was quite getting along with my yaya, who had been my nanny since I was a kid. They they felt that there was "favoritism" and same thing, that my yaya would tell on them (they don't do their chores, text with their cellphones all day, and one stood outside our house at night smoking and attracting construction workers inside the subdivision like a hooker). geez! My mom just let them go and go ask my Tita's maids if they had more referrals. hahaha! so we ended up with a good one, although I didnt get along with her at first cos she appeared a bit stoic and would ignore me when I asked her something (turned out, she was partially deaf in one ear). but she's still with us now, and my Dad gave her meds for her ear, and she is so hardworking! best of all, she gets along with my yaya great. and that is the mark of a decent maid. haha. I am so getting them gifts for Christmas ;) my dear, I do pray you find a good nanny soon!

oh man, sorry I flooded your page too with a telenovela. btw, the nerve on that "ex-files" girl! There are so many of those things going around eh? I know my boyf gets his regular share, they just rotate. I don't mind much, the boyf doesnt pay them attention anyways. but I could see how you could relate to that book! hehe. okay I better stop now.

last! you're really one sexy momma! I cant believe you have a baby already, you look fabulous! I think dark colored lipstick suits you well :) and you are gorgeous in that skirt.

must close my mouth now (or stop my fingers from typing furiously and flooding your comment page).

♥ R

rachel said...

oh geez, I just saw my post and it's a freaking novel. haha. im sorryyy ;)

P.S. that was, we went through 4 maids in a period of 3 weeks!

♥ fashion chalet said...

My motto? Eat what you like, but always practice moderation. This way you can have everything you want, but not feel guilty afterward. When the situation gets tough and temptation is nearby I try to think of an outfit I like the way I look in, makes it easier to pass up. ;) Thanks for commenting me, again, darling. I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Fashion_Girl22 said...

The skirt is just superb!! It reminds me od DIor Pre-Fall 2008.<3