Thursday, October 9, 2008

In Living Color

Wore this outfit to work, and loved how the colors popped! I've been a great fan of bright hues and on lazy days like this one, I just wore a dress that fitted me like a drab nightgown... and then let the accessories do the magic!

I'm addicted to these waist-cinchers (I already have them in 7 colors after snagging them each time I see one!). I love how they instantly jazz-up an outfit, with a 40's kind of vibe...

To break the monotony of the aqua color, I added a white purse and white hoop earrings, to match the ivory buttons on the dress.

I got these shoes from my recent US trip... and got them to match my ceramic F21 watch.

It looks like espadrille wedges from afar but when you look closely, it's sides are made of a lined-up garter-like material which I found really cute. They reminded me of those garter dresses which I would have worn in a heartbeat, if only I had the guts to do so.

But I don't, and that's a different story, so for now... these shoes will do.
Let's go paint a rainbow, shall we???

Dress: Dressing Room
Belt: local department store
Shoes: US Online find
Watch: F21
Enamel Earrings: Mango
Small Hobo Bag: Coach


♥ fashion chalet said...

Turquoise blue with shocking pink! How very, very fun. Love the last photo, especially. ;)

xo/ fashion chalet

Raggamuffin said...

oh colours!! its been awhile since i've worn multiple colours like det :)

and thanks! though those shoes are quite the hurt haha

Savvy Mode SG said...

really like the wide belt.

Sophia said...

what a crazy outfit! i love it =]
too many people dress boring these days. glad to see someone having fun!

May Kasahara said...

ohhh great colors. so pretty.


SushiZebra said...

your shoes are so pretty^^ i like the colours of your outfit

rachel said...

I loved how the colors popped too! :)

oh cool, you saw that issue? that's one of the last issues I did for the magazine, my very last is this month's with Sarah G on the cover :(

ZORI said...

oo i love the wedges

rachel said...

aww thanks for your sweet comment! yes im sure ill be back home in no time :) thats nice to hear that you and your hubby share a lot in common, it's the best to spend time with each other doing things you enjoy..
ohgosh now im reminiscing! haha gotta stop

have a great weekend!
♥ R

p.s. hope to see a picture of you with your baby girl :)

stellawantstodie said...

thanks for your coment!!! ( one week ago...)

nice espadrilles!

Nay'Chelle said...

Nice belt and the last photo is cool.


liking the colours honey! looking good.

Dane said...

Its fixed, I can view you! Nice colors, suits you very well. I just left Manilaland today!

PAM said...

loving the color accents :) bright colors sure brightens up our day! :)

Miranda said...

very colorful and cheery :)

Thea said...

I love colour matched with colour!