Friday, October 3, 2008

Guess Who Has A NEW LOOK???


My blog had a makeover!!!

From the click-able, movable pages, I reverted back to the conventional, 2-column non-movable type.

I was trying to work on something else... but am way too busy with other stuff right now so I'm leaving that "project" back on file for some unearthing somewhere down the line.

Meanwhile... this nouveau thing merits an nouveau outfit post!

I'm loving the Poodle + Eiffel Tower + Heart all in 1 pendant = I LOVE PARIS!!

As well as this little peek-a-boo going on... I got the top for only less than $4.00 from a Bazaar here in Manila!! Well it's another one of those little cheap things that make me HAPPY!

Suede shoes are IN.... tried cuffing my trousers but they were too wide....

Top: Bazaar Find
Trousers: Zara
Suede Shoes: Zara
Cocktail Ring and Necklace: F21
Belt: Wetseal


Q8 fashionista said...

i love the blog makeover :)

your look cute <3

♥ fashion chalet said...

You are so thin. I love the color on you too! You don't have to worry about Yoga, you look so fit! :)

By the way, great new look to your page, easier to comment on it too.


xo/ fashion chalet

PAM said...

and let's do that BAN thingy okay? :) rewards soooonnn.. :)

*~The World is My Catwalk~* said...

*Q8 Fashionista: Thanks for the sweet comment!

*Fashion Chalet: Oh my goodness Erika you are too sweet! I need to take those classes religiously now! I'm glad you liked the "Makeover" it's not as girly as I wanted it to be but it sure is comment-friendly!

*Pam: I am really up for this.. we should maximize what's in our closet (especially the ones we NEVER USED -- aargh crazy hoarding) and we should reap the rewards come December!! I'm excited!!!

FELICITY [!] said...

thanks, love! xo
fall is definitely one of the best seasons, after summer of course.

i love your belt & lovely blog !

♥ fashion chalet said...

SEXY er? Oh la la... :)

Thank you.

PS: You make me want to dig out my ballet flats! ♥

xo/ fashion chalet

Nina said...

your blog looks great! good job! i can barely remember how to post photos.

and i have a similar necklace also from F21 - mine has the eiffel tower, a compass, and an anchor. i love paris, too! :)

we wear things said...

thanks for the birthday wishes! we've linked you up as well. i love the layout of your blog, btw. and i love the color and cutout detail on that top!

- roz

*~The World is My Catwalk~* said...

*Felicity: Thank You!! I really love fall fashions too!

*Fashion Chalet: Go Go Go!! You'll surely look cute wearing them (what else is new!!) heehee

*Nina: Don't you just love f21 too? Those combo-pendant necklaces are really REALLY CUTE!

*We Wear Things: Thanks!!! Happy Birthday again!!!

Anonymous said...

OMG we have the same exact belt except mine is hot pink hahah but I got mine at Target..I didnt know we sold that at wetseal (I work there) haha so thats probably been a while back right

*~The World is My Catwalk~* said...

*Tinkchic27: You're right! I remember getting this one as a "pasalubong" from years back but I never thought it was cute... it pays to be a pack-rat! Wow that is soooo cool.. I love wetseal!!

Anonymous said...

hahaha same here..about the pack rat I mean and well at least you found a way to make it look cute! ^_^