Saturday, August 30, 2008

I've been pretty much BUSY all week. I've noticed my lower back ache more than the usual now, and I have no idea where to get decent massages here (I only chance upon people offering back massages in the middle of malls heehee... and I am far more bashful to have one done for all to see!) . Work has been crazy and things have come to a stand-still, waiting on some consultants to arrive and I'm missing my family soooooooooo much!!! Well, I do miss my closet, and my shoe closet too... I've been trying not to buy shoes here and am just alternating a few pairs instead (my hubby has warned me not to hoard here... and is threatening to throw my shoes away rather than get a bigger shoe closet, if they end up not fitting when I get back hahaha).

Yesterday was a very busy day, I spent it all day at work, just hopped out for a quick lunch with some American workmates (my constant Thurs-Fri lunch-out-mates) and we went to Olive Garden for some pasta. I found out that the front tires of the car I drive here were out of air... and so they gave me a small SUV to drive during the long weekend. And I was late for dinner with the Filipino-group at O'Charleys... because stupid me couldn't figure out how to release the park break of the new car (apparently it was locked and you had to press on it really hard....SISSY ME!).

After dinner, as we all headed to the parking, one workmate remarked that the lady waiting for her table outside the resto was staring at my shoes... heehee... she probably thought I was from Jerusalem during Biblical time or something, heehee which I found really funny. People here are pretty much laid back which is one of the main reasons why I try to dress pretty much as simple as I can.

But on days like these... I just wake up and feel that I will be miserable (as miserable as having a bad allergy attack) if I decide to dress like everyone else.. .so.....

I ended up wearing this.
Plaid Ruffle Top: Delia’s
Linen Cropped Gaucho Pants: NY&Company
Belt: Mango
Gladiator Wedges: Wetseal
Watch: Kenneth Cole
Earrings: South Sea pearls

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