Monday, September 1, 2008

I am officially overwhelmed.. and excited because of all these SEASON PREMIERS!!

Think Gossip Girl Season 2 premier TONIGHT, then One Tree Hill (I caught a bit, was busy with the Shrimp-Pesto-Pasta) and then Beverly Hills 90210 tomorrow... and then The Hills on Sunday wheeeeeee!!! (I'm watching a rerun on MTV right now, Brody vs Stephanie in NYC.. its making me miss the best city hubby and I have ever been too).

Anyways, I think I am still having a Gossip Girl overload... think: The White Party... Oh my I LOVED Serena's grecian dress, Blairs rick-rack-eyelet dress, Jenny's creation... and I have to admit Chuck looked cute in his suit...

I remembered Blair's line "Damn that mother-Chucker!" and spotted her dress, an Alice and Olivia Garden party dress... which, apparently was also worn by America Ferrera on Ugly Betty.

Exibit A:

This is an example that the same dress can look so different when worn and styled by different individuals. Well of course Betty was intended to be Dorky and all... but the point can wear identical outfits... its a fact that if you dress REALLY well.. people will just snatch what you wear and be an instant replica of you....... but you know, truth is: the person wearing the dress makes a HUGE difference.

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